Qaway: Mystical Seeing and the Flow of Time

Those of you who have undergone the Chunpi Away and Ñawi K’ichay karpay—the weaving of the belts and opening of the seven eyes—have a unique capacity to develop seeing beyond the constraints of your physical vision. This enhanced vision is called qaway, which is seeing through your mystical eyes. Your goal as a qawaq is to see reality as it really is, without the screen of projections, illusions, and self-created limitations. As a qawaq, you see the past and present clearly and without impulse or sentimental emotion. You can even see into the future.

In contrast, the future—qayapacha—is behind you, because you can’t see it. Referring to the ñawis, you have only one eye, the siki ñawi of the yana chunpi, by which to view the future. Thus, it is less unknowable, although when you developed your qawaq/seer abilities, you can sense what may be coming, especially if you increase your mastery of pushing the kawsay (influencing the world of living energy). The future also is sometimes associated with the left physical eye, the lloq’e ñawi.

Although the seventh eye faces forward, and so looks at the past, it also has an integrating capacity. When you are qawaq and seeing clearly and soberly through both your physical and mystical eyes, then the past and future fuel your vision through your seventh eye, which is in the middle of your forehead (called the third eye in many metaphysical traditions). At the seventh eye, past and future coalesceGold pocket watch and calendar into the now (called the kunanpacha). Thus, you can improve your ability to see reality as it really is in your life at the current time. This mystical vision, coupled with your personal power, allows you to be in greater well-being because you can think, speak, and act according to what is necessary at the moment, without being impulsively or unconsciously driven by the whims of circumstance.

Being a qawaq does not mean you become clairvoyant, although you certainly can develop a similar ability. Being qawaq is less about predicting what is coming and more about living in well-being in the present. Ram Dass’s famous adage, “Be here now” is a good way to describe what qaway involves, but it goes beyond just being attentive or mindful to what you are doing or what is happening around you at the current moment. It extends to being able to see beyond the “story” of the self by Illustration of woman and man with aura, chakras and healing energywhich most of us color our present life, usually in rosy hues. Seeing reality as it really is takes you beyond story and circumstance. It drops you deep into the center of your

personal power, whereby you can not only intend to be who you really are, but can actually more fully live as who you really are. It frees energy so that you can grow and change, helping you rise above any self-imposed limitations.

The Andean path is all about being able to better live up to your potential as a human being in the human world. Developing your personal power, which includes improving your mystical seeing, allows you to take greater responsibility for your life, to deal more artfully and effortlessly with the circumstances of life exactly as your life is right now. Best of all, developing your qawaq capacity allows you establish a deeper, truer, realer relationship with yourself.


3 thoughts on “Qaway: Mystical Seeing and the Flow of Time

  1. Dear Joan, I always enjoy and learn much from your posts, thank you!I have a question or two if it’s ok-I took the 4 winds training about 7 yrs ago to try to overcome cancer and subsequently experienced a lot of physyical issues (cancer, 4 surgeries, chemo).. however, I survived.So I have not had a lot of energy time to spend ‘growing the medicine’ in a formal way. However, in the few times I have worked with people, there’s always a miracle and a lot of healing. Most recently, last week when Hurricane Patricia was about to strike the Mexican coast right where my grandkid’s other granddad was, I opened my mesa, created an intention of safe haven and since they were expected to come in 2 weeks to Guatemala where I am currently with our grandkids, I made a ‘road’ to the destiny corner for clear passage with a Guatemala patch flag. I also have a stone image of Xocomil, the wind spirit of the Lake here (Atitlan) and implored him to work with the winds of the hurricane to cause the least damage. So, the hurricane fizzled out as soon as it hit the coast, my family was ok and they decided to depart almost immediately for Guatemala! So maybe it would have all happened anyway, I don’t know.My question is, can one have the ‘juice’ of a paqo without all the subsequent formal practice? Also I would love to study with regards, Maryann Stow

    Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2015 22:06:36 +0000 To:


    1. It’s good to know everyone is safe. Yes, one can have the juice! But your question is the stuff of philosophy! It would take a book to discuss. The short answer is that of course, when we see reality as it really is, we have to ask if it was our influence or a coincidence. Some people deny that there are any coincidences. I am not one of them. Novelty, chance, and such are a part of the universe. So it is hard to say what the proportion of influence and coincidence may be. That said, When it comes to family and loved ones, our prayers and intentions can have a powerful effect because our intention and emotion is so strong. I think it’s easier to determine if we have the “juice” when there is a long-term, undeniable pattern, as you indicate there may be for you. When it comes to the “juice,” for us as paqos the determination is more about long-term, overall well-being. . . You can check out scheduled training under the Upcoming Trainings subtab of my blog.


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