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For training inquiries, email Joan Parisi Wilcox at QentiWasi@gmail.com. For Master Class information, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Foundation in Andean Mysticism

IMG_4160 compressedAndean mysticism is a path of personal power and conscious evolution. The paqos (Andean energy masters) from the high Andes have passed down this powerful yet graceful energy tradition over generations, and they have freely and lovingly shared this tradition with anyone who comes to them with an open heart.

The tradition as we learn it covers the teachings of two lineages, the Inkari and Waskar lineages, as passed on to Juan Nuñez del Prado from three celebrated masters of the last generation: don Benito Qoriwaman, don Andres Espinosa, and don Melchor Desa.

The formal training follows a three-part track. You must complete one section before taking the next. All three sections are included in the three-month online Foundation training.

First is the right-side work, called paña. This is an introduction to all Enery work durnig the Hatun Karpay 1997the core symbols, signs, spirits, practices and techniques of the tradition. Paña focuses primarily on the mystical work of the lineage of don Benito Qoriwaman and involves mastering your energy body and working the energies outside of your personal energy bubble. It also focuses on core techniques for cleansing your bubble of heavy energy and empowering it with the animating  energy of the cosmos. This is the work of consciously engaging energy and making interchanges with the cosmos of living energies. It teaches you to perceive and work with your own energy and to make interchanges with nature, spirit beings, and other people, including working to help heal or empower others. You learn the energy dynamics of ayni, masintin, and yanantin. You also learn about the misha, the personal power bundle; and the haywarikuy or despacho, the primary nature offering that is the most important “teacher” of ayni/reciprocity in the tradition. You begin your climb up the Stairway of Seven Steps of conscious evolution. This core workshop provides a firm grounding in sensing, moving and working with your own energy and the energies of the cosmos and is necessary to advance to the work of the next two trainings.

The second section is about the work of the “middle of the path,” called chaupi, following the lineage of Q’ero master don Andres Espinosa. It involves the integration point between energies outside the personal bubbleJoan's mullu chunpis and those inside it. It is focused on learning to move and tune energy. During this work, we will weave the belts of power, the chunpis, and begin working with them to consciously evolve your personal power. You also activate the ñawis, or mystical eyes, to improve your capacity for qaway, which is mystical seeing. Each ñawi confers specific capacities (such as rimay, munay, khuyay, and atiy) that may now be under-developed within you. By working the chunpis and ñawis you begin to recover and grow these capacities for your own well-being and the benefit of others.  You learn in depth how to move energy through your body and energy bubble, and between yourself and others. You work deeply with the energy of your birth and your death, cleansing heavy energy from your past and any fears of your future so that you can live with greater personal power in the now. You learn how to consciously create greater amounts of munay (love grounded in will) and the healing energy called hampi. This training is an intense immersion into sensing and moving the animating energies of the cosmos as expressed both within and without yourself. It is focused on relationships and how you are in the world as an evolving human being.

The final part of the training is the left-side work, lloq’e, largely based on the teachings of don Melchor Desa. This is the magical and practical work of actively mastering the energies inside your personal bubble and further weaving the chunpis and awakening the ñawis to gracefully and deeply integrate your personal energy bubble and physical body. We continue to climb the Stairway of Seven Steps, which is both a journey of conscious personal evolution and a left-side journey through your chunpis with the assistance of eight “helper” spirits. You will plunge deep into your energetic anatomy, thoroughly cleanse your energy body, and further your Inka Seed (inner comnpass) so that you can more fully live as “who you really are.” The workshop culminates in the raising of the amaru, the anaconda, which is a symbol of your personal power. Its focus overall is about having the personal power to take action in the world to, among other goals, manifest your desires using capacities and gifts that you may not otherwise have at your disposal. It is about being a fully developed human being.

Gift from Juan P E

I look forward to sharing this beautiful and graceful energy tradition with you, so that together we can work the energies to facilitate our own conscious evolution and to  further the prophecy of the rise of the New Humanity. . . Game on!

Trainings are offered online on the free conferencing platform Zoom. Please see the Upcoming Workshops page for the current schedule.

If you have questions, please email me at QentiWasi@gmail.com.


“Joan’s classes have been a life changer for me. I have been through many apprenticeships with different teachers, each had their value and place in my development but I was always left with a feeling there was more. Joan’s unique wisdom and knowledge, teaching and writing skills, as well as her deep long-term commitment to Andean Mysticism, has left me with the feeling that I have found my “something more.” I recommend and encourage anyone who has asked the question: “Is there more?” to take Joan’s classes.”                                                                                                                                                        —L.P.K.

“I confess that I was a little bit unsure of what to expect when I first decided to sign up, but let me tell you: Joan carries this powerful tradition with great sincerity and integrity. I can say without a doubt that the decision to step forward into the Andean tradition has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. If the voice of your heart is calling to the Andean tradition, know that this is the real deal and it’s a great place to start. Thank you for continuing to share this with us, Joan!”                   —T. S.

“The online Andean training and the Masters training with Joan were more enriching and empowering than I could have imagined. I loved Joan’s faithfulness to preservation of the lineage as it was taught to her, and her clear and pragmatic approach is so refreshing. I feel like I gained so many valuable tools from both courses as well as an empowered perspective that comes from choosing a path of personal responsibility. Every class was absolutely packed with fascinating knowledge and practical energetic tools alongside fascinating stories. Joan is so incredibly knowledgeable and creates a captivating and engaging class environment. I will listen to the class [recordings] again and again and confidently look forward to increasing my personal energetic coherence and refining the ayni that I engage the cosmos with.”                                                                                                                                                                  —J.H.

“The [online] course on the Andean cosmovision with Joan Parisi Wilcox has been extraordinary. She was able to share with us some very special teachings from elders of the Andean mystical traditions. In twelve years of study of these ways, I had not experienced many of the teachings and exercises before or in this same fashion. Joan seeks to share the teachings as true and authentically to their roots as possible. And clarifies the lineage from which they come. Joan teaches with wisdom, clarity, integrity and thoroughness. It was an honor and a privilege to work with Joan.”                                                                           —D. P.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Joan’s classes in Andean Mysticism. I felt called to find a teacher who focused on and taught the Andean practices in their purest form. I believe I found that with her classes. Her explanations of the teachings and practices were given with great detail and were easy to understand. I have great appreciation for her as a teacher and Paq’o. I’m truly grateful for her work in the world.”
—I. C.

Master Class

This is the work of Tata Lorenzo, a master of the Kallawaya tradition of the Titicaca Lake basin of Bolivia. It builds on and is connected to our Andean work, as Bolivia was once part of the Inca tawantinsuyu. You must have completed the three-section foundation training to take the Master Class or studied with Juan or one of his student-teachers. 

Kawsay Puriy means “walking in a cosmos of living energy.” In this work, you will indeed be connecting with the world and cosmos, working in a new way with the qanchispatañan (the Stairway of Seven Steps of conscious evolution). You will seed the energies within yourself to become a “teqse paqo,” or universal paqo (high 4th level). You will integrate your energies with the Taytanchis, both the God within and the God without. It is deeper work to seed within yourself and others the rise of the Runakay Mosoq, the New Humanity.

The main energy practices are new, providing a widening and deepening of energetic connections from your poq’po to the inner and outer worlds, and indeed with the cosmos, but they build on the work you already did in the three-part training series. You will be working more deeply with:

  •  “painting” your Inka Seed with the black light (willka) energy and empowering each of your chunpis
  • connecting with and releasing hucha from your own personal “pachas” (inner and outer space-time realms of past and present, family, humanity, and more)
  • empowering your inner three worlds—a hanaqpacha, kaypacha and ukhupacha within your own poq’po
  • integrating your personal three worlds with the outer three worlds of the Pachamama (material universe).
  • being supported and empowered by the entire Pachamama and Kawsay Pacha, including many cosmic “beings” such as the planets, Milky Way galaxy, and stars
  • using the tarpuy energy (planting) to fertilize and grow your personal power to reach the high 4th level of consciousness
  • situating yourself at the center of the universe to be both supported and empowered by the universal spirit beings

man-under-the-stars-compressed-adobestock_115933022In addition I will talk about Andean star knowledge, and you will have optional work to discover your personal star and create a personal waka connecting you to your personal star

In essence, this work is not only about being part of the cosmos, but feeling the cosmos as a living energy within your own poq’po. It is the connection with everything! It is sending energy “ahead of you” to help you progress faster, cleanse yourself more deeply, and reach the higher 4th level more quickly.

Please see the Upcoming Workshops page to learn about scheduled Master Classes. Or email Joan at QentiWasi@gmail.com.


6 thoughts on “Learn the Andean Sacred Arts

  1. So glad I found you again! Thought you had left the Andean path. I love your writing of the Andean ways. You are so gifted and shine such clarity to the work. I look forward to reading your blogs!


  2. My teacher suggested your book to me the first time we met for training many years ago, and I have to say it was a turning point in my life, which I felt deeply as I read it. Thank you for writing such a wonderful guide, the great book
    Masters of The Living Energy. A ho!


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