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Joan Parisi Wilcox2For specific information about each of the three trainings in Andean mysticism, please click the “Learn the Andean Sacred Arts” tab. In addition to the workshops on Andean mysticism, I occasionally offer other, related workshops for personal transformation. They will be listed below, too. Also, feel free to check under the Other Services tab to learn about intuitive-mediumship and transformational coaching services.


Final Online Trainings for 2018

Scroll to bottom for information about the final 2018 Master Class.

Online Training in Andean Mysticism


Learn the Andean sacred arts from the comfort of home.

Information About the Online Class:

We  meet in weekly two-hour sessions online on the Zoom conferencing platform and cover almost all of the material that is covered in the in-person trainings, from the energy exercises to the misha to despachos. The full training takes 10 weeks.

The training is in three parts. See the tab “Learn the Andean Sacred Arts” for details.

  • The right-side paña training, which is the mystical and yachay aspects of the tradition through the teachings of don Benito Qoriwaman.
  • The middle path of munay, called the chaupi, which covers the teachings of Q’ero master don Andres Espinosa.
  • The left-side lloq’e training, which is the magical and llank’ay aspects of the tradition through the teachings of don Melchor Desa.

This is audio only, and all sessions are recorded and made available to you to download for your private use only via Dropbox. Each class is two hours, with ample time for questions and discussion.

Dates and Times for Final Trainings for 2018:

  • Tuesdays, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm Eastern time, starting September 11 and ending November 13
  • Thursdays, 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm Eastern time, starting September 13 and ending November 15

To register, please email Joan at QentiWasi@gmail.com for cost and other logistics. If you can, please register before August 7, as I will be in Peru for most of August and only intermittently available by email. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, with each class limited to about 8-10 people.

What Past Students Have Said About the Online Training:

“The [online] course on the Andean cosmovision with Joan Parisi Wilcox has been extraordinary. She was able to share with us over the course of several weeks some very special teachings from elders of the Andean mystical traditions. In twelve years of study of these ways, I had not experienced many of the teachings and exercises before or in this same fashion. Joan seeks to share the teachings as true and authentically to their roots as possible. And clarifies the lineage from which they come. Joan teaches with wisdom, clarity, integrity and thoroughness. It was an honor and a privilege to work with Joan.”  —D. P.

“The beauty of the internet is that we have the potential to learn from many great masters and teachers without leaving the comfort of our own homes.  Joan Wilcox is one of those amazing teachers. Recently I took her Andean Cosmovision workshop, a three-month, interactive workshop where Joan guided us through some of the shamanic energy practices she has learned based upon her 25-year study and apprenticeship within the Andean culture.  Having taken courses and trainings from some of the world’s most renown teachers, I found Joan’s work exceptional. Her knowledge of the teachings and impeccability in sharing the lineage was deeply profound. The material presented was thorough, complete and enlightening.  So much so that I plan to invite Joan to my hometown for a LIVE training or meet with her somewhere in the US!”  —T.W.

“Joan is an outstanding teacher. She approaches these authentic, precious teachings from the Andes with humility and respect. A fine story teller, her scholarly perspective on Andean mysticism is engaging.  This training gives a complete account of the Andean cosmovision and how to access the world of living nature in order to increase joy, wholeness and healing in one’s life.”    —A.B.

“I gained an immense wisdom from Joan’s [online] sessions. I felt the energies during [exercises] at par as being in a workshop. This truly portrays that energy has no boundaries and it works like magic. The Andean path is unequivocally a path of mystical energies, which are so simple to work with.”  —R.P

“The teachings I have received from Joan have helped me to help others in my healing practice. These teaching will take a lifetime to master, if not a few life times. They are ongoing as we develop ourselves and our relationship with nature and other beings on this earth and perhaps elsewhere. She is very precise, clear, and takes the time to intellectually explain things. When Joan doesn’t know the source or something about the teachings, she is humble enough to make it known to you. She allows you to come to your own conclusions. She is one of the most humble women I have ever met. She is a living example of the teachings and how to use them to help yourself and others. She basically lives the teachings, and that is why these teachings exist and made it so far. Most of the work is ‘invisible’ energy movements. My strongest suggestions to anyone considering learning these teachings is to put vizualisation aside and simply perceive with strong intention,  as this will develop during the course and with practice. I highly recommend Joan as a teacher and the course as a whole for self-development.”  —A.B. (different student than the previous A.B.)

To learn more and to find out when the next cycle of training begins, email Joan at QentiWasi@gmail.com


Master Class in the Art of Being a Teqse Paqo

This three-week class is available only to those who have completed all three sections of the general Andean mysticism training with either me, Juan Nuñez del Prado, or another teacher trained by Juan. 

In this Master Class, you will be introduced to the work of Bolivian master Tata Lorenzo. Kawsay Puriy means “walking in a cosmos of living energy.” In this training, you will indeed be connecting with the world and cosmos, working in a new way with the qanchispatañan (the Stairway of Seven Steps of conscious evolution). The energy work helps you:

  • Seed the energies within yourself to become a teqse paqo, or universal paqo (high 4th level). 
  • Work through your personal pacha (space-time), including your past and future, your family and the whole of humanity, your life in this human world and your connection to the universe.
  • Work more deeply with your Inka Seed and chunpis to integrate your energies with the Taytanchis/God within and the Taytanchis/God without. 
  • Work with the willka energy (black light energy).
  • Contribute through your own conscious evolution to the rise of Runakay Mosoq, the New Humanity.

In essence, this work is not only about being part of the cosmos, but feeling the cosmos as a living energy within your own poq’po. It is the connection with everything. It is sending energy “ahead of you” to help you progress faster, cleanse yourself more deeply, and reach the higher 4th level more quickly.

There will be two classes, one in the daytime and one in the evening, and the training runs for three consecutive weeks, meeting weekly for two hours each class online on the Zoom conferencing platform. The class is audio only, and you will be provided audio recordings of each class for your private use only (via download from Dropbox). 

2018 class times and dates:

  • Tuesdays 1:30 to 3:30 pm Eastern time, over the weeks November 27, December 4 & 11.
  • Wednesdays, 8:30 to 10:30 pm Eastern time, over the weeks of November 28, December 5 & 12.

The cost of the class is $180 USD ($190 USD if paying by foreign currency), payable by Paypal or check. Please do not send any money before contacting me and registering for the class. Email me at QentiWasi@gmail.com. Space is limited. Registration ends November 1, 2018.

Remember, you must have completed the basic Andean training (all three sections) in order to register for this training. 

Please note that I am in Peru for most of August and will have only intermittent availability to email, so if you contact me during August and don’t get an immediate response that is why. 



Are You Interested in Hosting
an In-Person Training? 

All workshops are facilitated by a local host or hostess. Email Joan to find out how to host a training in your area. Email QentiWasi@gmail.com.


16 thoughts on “Upcoming Workshops

    1. Hi Constance,

      Because the training is progressive, you have to take the earlier workshops to be able to do the final one, which is the lloq’e work. So they are comprised of the people/group who have progressed together through the training. It might be possible to do the lloq’e alone if you have gone through similar training elsewhere, but that is highly unusual, especially since I don’t know of anyone but Juan who teaches the chaupi work the way he/his teaching-former students do. You can check out the Upcoming Trainings tab under the Learn the Andean Sacred Arts to keep up with training locations.


      1. Joan, thanks for your response. California/february looks possible. The prices are very honest. I will contact you as I know more about my schedule. I did reply to you but perhaps not to this technologies liking as I do not see it. Munay, Constance


  1. Kind thanks for your response Joan. I rather thought you would respond as you have. While i do have a lengthy (nearly 30 years) alignment with medicine work in general, and 14 years working with Andean practices-I respect that what you offer is different. The reason I inquired is because I steward 2 older lloke mestanas and find my work to be centered thusly. It may be the case that i can not afford the entire training but I will take your suggestion into considersation. Warm regards, Constance.


  2. Joan, I do not see that my reply posted? Calif-February looks possible for me. I will contact you when i know more. Munay. Constance


  3. Joan, do you have plans to teach another Pana in Ca.?
    I see that the one in Feb. is closed to new registration.
    I would love to attend this training early 2016 if possible in Ca.
    Thank you.


  4. Hi, Joan, I am interested in the retreat in June. I don’t think I’ll be able to return to Castroville for your continuing sessions and my husband and I book TWO one week vacations for 2016 … one was in August your Shadow week and the other is your shadow weekend in December. So I’m accepting it was meant for me (at least at this time.) Pictures on Facebook of Peruvian pilgrimage were wonderful!! I’m looking forward to hearing about it from Jack Quirk. sweet munay, April Lanz


    1. Hi April, I have put you down for the week-long training in June. Yes, Peru was magnificent. Jack didn’t end up coming on our trip. But Judy Ann was there. Had a fantastic group and a magical time.


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