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Joan Parisi Wilcox2For specific information about the Foundation Training and the Master Class in Andean mysticism, please click the “Learn the Andean Sacred Arts” tab. In addition to the workshops on Andean mysticism, I occasionally offer other, related workshops for personal transformation. They are listed below, too.

Scroll down to see the full 2022 class schedule, which includes: Foundation Training series, Master Class series, Deep-Dive Advanced classes, Inner Tawantin seminar, and Paqo Practice Groups.


2022 Andean Mysticism
Three-Month Online Training Series

 January 11 – March 29, registration ends December 13, 2021
April 5 – June 14, registration ends March 4, 2022
July 12 – September 20, registration ends June 13, 2022

October 4 – December 20, registration ends September 9, 2022

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Learn the Andean sacred arts from the comfort of home.

Learn to engage consciously with the world of living energy. Discover how to bring coherence to your own energy body to further your conscious evolution. Bring greater love, joy, and well-being to yourself and the circumstances of your life. Live more passionately and grandly as both a spirit being and a human being. These are the promises of Andean mysticism if you apply yourself to its practices. And they are real.

In this three-month Foundation Training in Andean Mysticism, we meet weekly on Tuesdays for 2.5-hour sessions online on the free Zoom conferencing platform. You will learn both the promises of this graceful and powerful energy tradition and to apply the practices to realize its promises. As I and scores of my students can attest, it works. But your mishas compressed IMG_4625results are proportional to the quality of your commitment. This is the great law of the tradition—ayni, or the law of reciprocity.

In the Foundation Training we cover almost all of the material that is covered in the in-person trainings, from the energy exercises to the misha to despachos. The training is in three parts. Please see the tab “Learn the Andean Sacred Arts” for greater details about each aspect of the training. Generally, this is the tradition presented as purely as possible to how the masters of old taught it, as passed on to me from my primary teacher don Juan Nuñez del Prado. It is presented from the perspective of the fourth level, which is a stance not of rote learning but of personal energy artistry. As an overview, you will learn:

  • The right-side paña training (6 weeks), which is the mystical and yachay (energetic perception and knowledge) aspects of the tradition through the teachings of don Benito Qoriwaman. This covers the energy cosmology in detail and all the fundamental energy practices, including the core heavy-energy releasing practices of saminchakuy and hucha miqhuy, and the empowering practice of saiwachakuy.
  • The middle path of munay (3 weeks), called the chaupi, which covers the teachings of Q’ero master don Andres Espinosa. In this section we weave the chunpis (belts of power) and awaken the ñawis (mystical eyes), as well as learn how to move and tune energy through our energy body. We learn to actually generate munay (love) and hampi munay (healing) energies, and to be self-sufficient in willka, the sacred black light energy.
  • The left-side lloq’e training (3 weeks), which is the magical and llank’ay (using energy to take action in the world) aspects of the tradition through the teachings of don Melchor Desa. Here we work deep within our mystical body to connect all of its aspects into one coherent system and we establish a relationship with our eight helper spirits and work with them. We seed ourselves to evolve into 6th-level beings and to increase the love, joy, and well-being within ourselves and that we can bring to all aspects of our lives.

don-martin-apaza-1-cropped-compressedFoundation Training classes are on Tuesdays, running 2.5 hours from 1pm – 3:30 pm Eastern time US. If you cannot be with us live, there is the option to learn through the audio recordings that are provided through a Dropbox link after each class. Many students have participated in this way. 

For more information, including course fee (payment is through Paypal), or to register for a class series, please email Joan at QentiWasi@gmail.com. 

What Past Students Have Said About the Online Training:

“The online Andean training and the Masters training with Joan were more enriching and empowering than I could have imagined. I loved Joan’s faithfulness to preservation of the lineage as it was taught to her, and her clear and pragmatic approach is so refreshing. I feel like I gained so many valuable tools from both courses as well as an empowered perspective that comes from choosing a path of personal responsibility. Every class was absolutely packed with fascinating knowledge and practical energetic tools alongside fascinating stories. Joan is so incredibly knowledgeable and creates a captivating and engaging class environment. I will listen to the class [recordings] again and again and confidently look forward to increasing my personal energetic coherence and refining the ayni that I engage the cosmos with.”   —J.H.

“The [online] course on the Andean cosmovision with Joan Parisi Wilcox has been extraordinary. She was able to share with us some very special teachings from elders of the Andean mystical traditions. In twelve years of study of these ways, I had not experienced many of the teachings and exercises before or in this same fashion. Joan seeks to share the teachings as true and authentically to their roots as possible. And clarifies the lineage from which they come. Joan teaches with wisdom, clarity, integrity and thoroughness. It was an honor and a privilege to work with Joan.”  —D. P.

“Joan’s classes have been a life changer for me. I have been through many apprenticeships with different teachers; each had their value and place in my development, but I was always left with a feeling there was more. Joan’s unique wisdom and knowledge, teaching and writing skills, as well as her deep long-term commitment to Andean mysticism, has left me with the feeling that I have found my ‘something more.’ I recommend and encourage anyone who has asked the question: ‘Is there more?’ to take Joan’s classes.  —L.P.K.

“Joan is an outstanding teacher. She approaches these authentic, precious teachings from the Andes with humility and respect. A fine story teller, her scholarly perspective on Andean mysticism is engaging.  This training gives a complete account of the Andean cosmovision and how to access the world of living nature in order to increase joy, wholeness and healing in one’s life.”  —A.B.

“I gained an immense wisdom from Joan’s [online] sessions. I felt the energies during [exercises] at par as being in a workshop. This truly portrays that energy has no boundaries and it works like magic. The Andean path is unequivocally a path of mystical energies, which are so simple to work with.”  —R.P

“The teachings I have received from Joan have helped me to help others in my healing practice. These teaching will take a lifetime to master, if not a few life times. They are ongoing as we develop ourselves and our relationship with nature and other beings on this earth and perhaps elsewhere. She is very precise, clear, and takes the time to intellectually explain things. When Joan doesn’t know the source or something about the teachings, she is humble enough to make it known to you. She allows you to come to your own conclusions. She is one of the most humble women I have ever met. She is a living example of the teachings and how to use them to help yourself and others. She basically lives the teachings, and that is why these teachings exist and made it so far. I highly recommend Joan as a teacher and the course as a whole for self-development.”  —A.B. (different student than the previous A.B.)

To learn more and to register, email Joan at QentiWasi@gmail.com.


2022 Master Class Schedule

All classes are held on Thursdays, from 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm Eastern time US.
Class choices are:
January 13 – January 27,  registration deadline is December 13, 2021
April 14 – April 28, registration deadline is March 4
July 14 – 28, registration deadline is June 13
October 13 – October 27, registration deadline is September 9

man-energy-at-forehead-compressed-adobestock_60268556This three-week class is available only to those who have completed all three sections of the Foundation Training in Andean mysticism with Joan, don Juan Nuñez del Prado, or another teacher trained by don Juan.

In this Master Class series, you will be introduced to the work of Bolivian master Tata Lorenzo. Kawsay Puriy means “walking in a cosmos of living energy.” In this training, you will indeed be connecting with the world and cosmos of living energy, working in a new way with the qanchispatañan (the Stairway of Seven Steps of conscious evolution). The energy work helps you:

  • Seed the energies within yourself to become a teqse paqo, or universal paqo (high 4th level).
  • Work through your personal pachas (space-time), including your past and future, your family and the whole of humanity, your life in this human world and your connection to the universe.
  • Receive support and empowerment from the entire Pachamama and Kawsay Pacha, including many cosmic “beings” such as the planets, the Milky Way galaxy, and the stars.
  • Work more deeply with your Inka Seed, ñawis, and chunpis to integrate your energies with the Taytanchis/God within and the Taytanchis/God without.
  • Empower your inner three worlds: the hanaqpacha, kaypacha and ukhupacha within your own poq’po.
  • Work with the willka energy (black light energy, the sacred, creational energy) in all your energy centers and your Inka Seed.
  • Contribute through your own conscious evolution to the rise of the Runakay Mosoq, the New Humanity.

In essence, this work is not only about being part of the cosmos, but feeling the cosmos as a living energy within your own poq’po. It is the connection with everything. It is sending energy “ahead of you” to help you progress faster, cleanse yourself more deeply, and reach the higher 4th level more quickly. It is a way to be supported and empowered by the entire cosmos of living energy and the spirit beings of the cosmic and earthly realms.

The training runs for three consecutive weeks. We meet weekly for two hours each class on the  free online Zoom conferencing platform. You will be provided with audio recordings of each class for your private use only (via download from Dropbox). Many students  who can’t meet with us live take this course through the audio recordings only. It easily lends itself to that form of learning.

The cost of the three-week class is a single nonrefundable payment of $220 USD, or if paying in foreign currency, it is your currency’s equivalent of $235 USD to cover conversion fees. All payments are through Paypal. Space is limited.

Please note that you must have completed the three-part Foundation training in Andean mysticism with Joan or another teacher who has apprenticed to don Juan Nuñez del Prado in order to take this course. 

To register or for more information, email Joan at QentiWasi@gmail.com.


mishas compressed IMG_4625


Deep-Dive Advanced Classes 

How do you deepen your practice and knowledge of Andean mysticism? What additional important information is there that was not able to be covered because of time constraints in the Foundation Training or Master Class? How would taking a deep dive into specific aspects of the Andean mystical tradition enrich your understanding of the energy practices?  The answer is a series of Advanced “Deep Dive” classes.

The Advanced Classes are one-time classes for those paqos who have taken the Foundation Series and are hungry to explore the finer points of the Andean cosmovision and energy practices. They are largely informational, although the “Driving the Kawsay” class involves a substantial energy exercise. There will be four advanced classes, each on a different topic, in 2022, and each is offered twice during the year.  

  • All classes are held on a Thursday afternoon, from 1:30 pm – 3 pm Eastern time US. 
  • We will meet online on the free Zoom conferencing platform. 
  • An audio file will be provided after the class to all participants for their private use only.
  • You may participate only via the recording if your schedule doesn’t allow you to participate with us live.
  • You must have completed the three-part Foundation training in order to take a Deep-Drive Class. 

Cost, Dates, and Topics:
All advanced classes are $70 USD nonrefundable, or if paying with foreign currency it is your currency’s equivalent of $80 USD to cover conversion fees. All payments are through Paypal. 

 ~ What’s In a Word: Deep Dive into Quechua Terms, Incantations, and Concepts
      February 17, registration deadline January 7
      August 18, registration deadline July 11

What do the words sami and hucha mean to regular Andeans, those who are not paqos, and how do those meaning enriching our understanding of their mystical meaning? What does llanthu kawsay, the term explaining light living energy, really mean? What is an utisqa? How can the kutiy incantation be interpreted and how might is apply to a soul retrieval ceremony? How are the sonqo and heart different? The qosqo and belly different? What is the difference between being salka and purun? We will explore our mystical vocabulary to get to the “meanings behind the meanings” in a way that will expand both our appreciation of the tradition and our personal practice in surprising ways. 

~ Driving the Kawsay: Deep Dive into Ayni and How to Influence Kawsay to Manifest Intentions
March17, registration deadline February 11
    September 22, registration deadline August 22

You know you are making energetic interchanges with the living energy. You know you can accumulate personal power to drive energy to manifest desires, improve conditions in your life, and so much more. But as a paqo and a human being what is your actual relationship to reality? How much influence can you really have? How responsible (or not) are you for the conditions of our life? We will drill down into the Andean cosmovision of the nature of reality, the influence of ayni interchanges, how will and intent play into these interchanges, and your overall relationship as a human being with the field of living energy. There is pre-work for this class to prepare for an in-class energy exercise to drive the kawsay toward manifesting a personal intention. 

~ Deep Dive into Achieving Holy Relationships
     May 19, registration deadline April 11
     November 10, registration deadline October 7

Did you know that there is a energetic “stairway” of relationship and that it is not so easy to climb?It takes a lot of work to achieve the higher levels of relationship, which are masintin-yanatin and tawantin dynamics. There is no guarantee you will be able to develop a relationship to these higher levels, and, truthfully, it is actually rather rare. You can’t get there until you have mastered the many levels of munay and become the owner of ayni. We’ll take a look at each stage of this energetic development to arrive at a clearer understanding of what a truly conscious and harmonious (what I call a holy) relationship is. 

~ Deep Dive: All About the Despacho (Haywarisqa)
    June 23, registration deadline May 13
    December 8, registration deadline November 7

We don’t go into great detail about the despacho in the Foundation Training, but in this advanced class we will take a deeper dive. The despacho, or haywarisqa in Quechua, is the great teacher of ayni. We will examine both the inner and outer ayni aspects of making and offering a despacho, from its contents to its organization, from the masintin-yanantin  and tawantin aspects of it to its relationship as an offering to the spirit beings. We will look at examples of how despacho style has changed over the decades, and how each maker of this offering must be an artist of the practice. We will not actually make a despacho together, but we will take a deep dive into the fourth-level perspective of making and offering different kinds of despachos, which will be sure to deepen your ayni in your desapcho practice and expand your vision of what offering a despacho means

For more information about a Deep Dive class, please email Joan at QentiWasi@gmail.com.  

Testimonials about the Deep Dive classes:

“I still get excited about new offerings because of Joan’s willingness to share everything she has learned through her many years study. Joan’s Quechua Terminology and Driving the Kawsay are great explorations after her Foundation and Master class series. Every class by Joan includes a very generous amount of information and is priced well below what I would consider the actual value for the knowledge shared. If you are curious what you could learn from her many decades of study of this path, then take all of her classes!  She is a sweet, brilliant teacher.”    —C.B.                             
“I recently took Joan’s Holy Relationships class and I am so glad I did! The class was amazing! Joan is always so honest, organized, and thoughtful. You can tell that she has put a lot of time into thinking about and developing the class. This class really put many Andean concepts together for me and I feel like I now have a map to use to help me further develop my own relationships. I highly recommend the class if you are looking to understand the energy dynamics of relationships and to further your understanding of Andean practices and how they can be applied to your own life.”    —K.F.                                                                                                                                           

“Holy Relationships—another great class! Thank you, Joan.”  —M. K-W.                                       

“In the Driving the Kawsay Pacha class, Joan clearly explains why your intention and awareness are key, as well as how to use your Inka Seed as a compass. Joan taught a wonderful technique to push the Kawsay Pacha and I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to understand how to push or direct the Kawsay Pacha. The Andean Path and Joan’s extraordinary knowledge as a teacher have been a godsend.  Awesome class!  Extremely valuable information.”  —A. H.

“The Driving the Kawsay class was extremely valuable. Learning profoundly about reality, our own influence and what we personally are responsible for or not was opening up perspectives, as always in Joan’s classes. What it means to really drive the kawsay became so clear. I loved the firsthand experience examples as they make it so easy to understand the teachings on a “live” level. Thank you so much, Joan!”  —I. M.

Inner Tawantin: Reducing Hucha, Increasing Sami

Once we are trained in the ways of Andean mysticism, we know how to release and transform our hucha. But how and why do we create hucha in the first place? In this four-part seminar, co-taught by Joan Parisi Wilcox and Christina Allen, we will take a deep dive into the tawantin of the self through the lens of both Andean mysticism and the psychology of Carl Jung in order to stop creating so much hucha, know ourselves better, and live more fully from our Inka Seed. 

The seminar is comprised of four classes, with one class spaced out every two months over the course of the year. Each class focuses on a single aspect of our inner tawantin, as overviewed below:  

  • The Persona: The persona is the you who wears many masks, molds the self to others’ expectations, is living a series of stories rather than truths, and is generally a self-created fiction. But it is a fiction with a purpose. Those purposes are usually fueled by fears, anxieties, feelings of being less than, unexplored beliefs, and unrealized or misplaced values. By taking off those masks, reframing those stories, reclaiming your inner truth and getting to know who you are really are, you can free yourself to live a more authentic, sami-filled life.

  • The Shadow: The shadow is the subconscious repository of all the versions of yourself that you keep mostly hidden from yourself. But it also provides the fuel for how you show yourself in the world (your mask, or persona). Within the shadow are neglected, repressed, denied, and abandoned aspects of the self. These are selves that had to be cast aside for myriad reasons: from not expressing parts of yourself because you feel you won’t receive the love and approval you crave to acting in certain ways to meet other people’s or society’s standards. These are the selves that are both heavy and light, both life-draining and life-enhancing. Your demons and your gods/goddesses live here, and when you free them and integrate them instead of deny or hide them, you unleash yourself and your life energy.

  • Animus/Anima: No matter your actual gender or self-identity, within you lives both a male and female aspect of the self. How you relate to this inner yanantin/couple directly relates to how you deal with your overall self, such that you may be living only half of your potential. Your inner animus (masculine) and anima (feminine) together are the true self rather than the image you project to the world, and their interaction within the self affects your relationships with others, especially your closest and most intimate relationships. When you can reconcile your animus and anima, even reaching a royal marriage within, you will cease giving away parts of yourself or asking your partner to complete you, showing up instead as who you really are (kanay). You will feel the transformation from a partial self to a more fully whole self, and you will experience the affirming reverberations in all your relationships.

  • The Self: When you do the work of the first three sessions, you will be able to more clearly, cleanly, fully, and joyously express the entirety of yourself. You are a Drop of the Mystery, and there never has been, is not now, and never will be anyone like you. When you know who you really are and can claim ownership of the whole Self, then you have refined your kanay and can bring yourself into the world with personal truth, freedom, and passion. Through the Self you unite both your personal human beingness and your transpersonal divine beingness. 

Our work in this series is based on skillfully developing and using self-inquiry strategies and shadow work as well as our paqo skills to transform the hucha we find within ourselves and to prevent ourselves from continuing to create it. There will be substantial pre-work (where you will probe into your conscious and unconscious self at home before each class), so this course requires a commitment of time and energy. The classes will be both informational and experiential, using Andean energy work to release hucha and deepen the integration of each aspect of the self. 

Cost, Dates, and Times
The cost of the course is a single nonrefundable payment of $280 USD, or if paying in foreign currency it is your currency’s equivalent of $300 USD to cover conversion fees. Payment is through Paypal. 

There are two seminar options to choose from: meeting on Sundays or on Wednesdays, on the following dates:
Sundays: 1 pm – 4 pm Eastern time US:  February 20, April 17, June 12, August 14, registration deadline is January 14
Wednesdays: 1 pm – 4 pm Eastern time US: March 9, May 11, July 13, September 14, registration deadline is February 4

For more information or to register, email Joan at QentiWasi@gmail.com.

Paqo Practice Ayllus

Once you learn the Andean mystical tradition, the challenge is to actually live it. It’s all well and good to know how tolisa-mesa-and-kintu-compressed-lisa-sims-photo-2016 reduce hucha and increase sami, but how do you put the practices into use moment to moment, day after day, in your life? Many people find that having an experienced mentor and a close community help them to stay on track in their practice. That’s why long-time practitioners Joan Parisi Wilcox and Christina Allen have gathered fellow paqos into Paqo Practice Ayllus: groups of dedicated practitioners who want private “community” time to discuss personal issues that are coming up and challenges they are facing and wondering what the best way to apply the Andean energy techniques are to resolve these challenges. Plus, participants are free to ask about any topic of interest in the Andean mystical realm to deepen their knowledge. These Paqo Practice groups are fueled by participants’ questions, which they email to Joan and Christina before each class. Plus, Joan and Christina lead participants through energy work during each class. If you are looking for a dedicated, heart-centered community of fully trained paqos, then a Paqo Practice Ayllu might be for you.

There are two ayllus forming in 2022, with each group meeting once a month. Joan and Christina ask for a commitment of six months, with the option of the group continuing for another six months. You must have completed the Foundation training to participate in these groups. An audio file of each class is sent to each member after each meeting, so those who can’t make a meeting can still benefit from it.

Cost, Dates, and Times
All meetings for both groups are held on Mondays. Each meeting is an hour and a half long, from 2 pm – 3: 30 pm Eastern time US. 

The fee for six months is  a single payment of $180 USD, or if paying in foreign currency it is your currency’s equivalent of $190 USD to cover conversion fees. Payment is through Paypal.

The two Paqo Practice Ayllu options are:

Group 1: Mondays: January 10, February 7, March 7, April 4, May 9, and June 6. Registration deadline is December 1, 2021.

Group 2: Mondays: January 24, February 21, March 21, April 18, May 23, and June 20. Registration deadline is December 1, 2021.

Contact Joan at Qentiwasi@gmail.com to register or for more information.


18 thoughts on “Upcoming Workshops

    1. Hi Constance,

      Because the training is progressive, you have to take the earlier workshops to be able to do the final one, which is the lloq’e work. So they are comprised of the people/group who have progressed together through the training. It might be possible to do the lloq’e alone if you have gone through similar training elsewhere, but that is highly unusual, especially since I don’t know of anyone but Juan who teaches the chaupi work the way he/his teaching-former students do. You can check out the Upcoming Trainings tab under the Learn the Andean Sacred Arts to keep up with training locations.


      1. Joan, thanks for your response. California/february looks possible. The prices are very honest. I will contact you as I know more about my schedule. I did reply to you but perhaps not to this technologies liking as I do not see it. Munay, Constance


  1. Kind thanks for your response Joan. I rather thought you would respond as you have. While i do have a lengthy (nearly 30 years) alignment with medicine work in general, and 14 years working with Andean practices-I respect that what you offer is different. The reason I inquired is because I steward 2 older lloke mestanas and find my work to be centered thusly. It may be the case that i can not afford the entire training but I will take your suggestion into considersation. Warm regards, Constance.


  2. Joan, I do not see that my reply posted? Calif-February looks possible for me. I will contact you when i know more. Munay. Constance


  3. Joan, do you have plans to teach another Pana in Ca.?
    I see that the one in Feb. is closed to new registration.
    I would love to attend this training early 2016 if possible in Ca.
    Thank you.


  4. Hi, Joan, I am interested in the retreat in June. I don’t think I’ll be able to return to Castroville for your continuing sessions and my husband and I book TWO one week vacations for 2016 … one was in August your Shadow week and the other is your shadow weekend in December. So I’m accepting it was meant for me (at least at this time.) Pictures on Facebook of Peruvian pilgrimage were wonderful!! I’m looking forward to hearing about it from Jack Quirk. sweet munay, April Lanz


    1. Hi April, I have put you down for the week-long training in June. Yes, Peru was magnificent. Jack didn’t end up coming on our trip. But Judy Ann was there. Had a fantastic group and a magical time.


  5. Is there still room for April’s class? Would like to register by check? Or do you have Venmo or cash app for taking initial payment? Let me know, unknown if this is full already. Thank you, Lupe Ramirez


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