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Joan Parisi Wilcox2For specific information about each of the three trainings in Andean mysticism, please click the “Learn the Andean Sacred Arts” tab. In addition to the workshops on Andean mysticism, I occasionally offer other, related workshops for personal transformation. They will be listed below, too. Also, feel free to check under the Other Services tab to learn about intuitive-mediumship and transformational coaching services.

All Andean Mysticism online classes are full for this year.
Please check back in late fall of 2019
to learn about the Winter-Spring 2020 schedule. 


New Offering!

Unleash Your Intuition
Three-Day Intuition Intensive Workshop
Diamond Springs, CA     October 11-13, 2019

I am honored to announce my newest venture, The Center for Conscious Change (CFCC). Its first offering is a deeply intensive yet playful exploration of intuition and Toward Digital thoughthow you can access, use, strengthen, and even supercharge your intuition.

Intuition is shrouded in mystery, talked about as if it were some special gift for a chosen few or incredibly difficult to use. Nothing could be further from the truth. We all are intuitive, because we are all part of the web of energy and information that underlies the universe. We can all use our intuition to connect more deeply in our own lives and on behalf of others. We can even connect with our departed loved ones. Energy and consciousness are eternal, and intuitive knowing is not beyond our reach or use. In fact, it is a natural part of us, although for many people it is underdeveloped or unused.

Those of you who have worked with me in the Andean mystical tradition know that I tend to cut to the chase, dispensing with rose-colored glasses and unnecessary outer pageantry to get to the heart of mystical understanding and practice—what works, what doesn’t, what is most useful, what isn’t. I do the same in my own work as an intuitive-medium and in this intuition intensive workshop.

Together with fellow intuitive-medium and dear friend Randi Eaton, we will take you on a journey deep into yourself and your connection with the information and energy of the universe. We will take you step-by-step through a series of practices that are known to increase your natural intuitive abilities.

  • We will discuss the various kinds of intuition—from telepathy to precognition to mediumship—and specific practices to enhance them.
  • We will dive into the science of psi research to discover what researchers have revealed about intuition. Put the science of psi research to work to learn what improves your intuition and what detracts from it. Don’t guess when you can use what has been shown to work.
  • We will practice techniques researchers have shown are most useful for successfully accessing and applying intuition in the lab and in the “real” world, including tested techniques from the world of controlled remote viewing.
  • We will explore the different aspects of intuition, including mediumship (accessing information from the departed), working with sigils to manifest your desires, and more.
  • Most of all, we will practice, practice, practice! And have loads of fun doing so.

Woman in praise compressed AdobeStock_53914293The bottom line is that you have a powerful sense of “knowing” that you may not be using, and now is the chance to unleash your inner capacities so you can more deeply embrace who you are and more fully engage yourself as both a spiritual being and human being. Reconnect to the infinite field of information that interpenetrates the metaphysical and the physical worlds, and learn to use it for your own and others’ well-being.

Dates: Friday-Sunday, October 11-13, 2019, 10 am to 4:30 pm each day.

Location: Diamond Springs, CA 95619 (near Sacramento, close to Placerville)
We will meet on an expanse of private property in a large yurt. Snacks and drinks will be provided. To facilitate our sense of community, lunches will be potluck, with everyone who can bringing an offering for the lunches.

Cost: $450, payment is due by September 6, 2019. Payment options include credit card, check/money order, Venmo and Paypal. Our hostess, Toni, is handling all payments, while Joan will be handling registration paperwork. For a registration form, please email Joan at QentiWasi@gmail.com. When your completed registration form is returned to Joan, she will send you the personal contact information for Toni so you can make your payment by the deadline of Sept 6, 2019.

Questions? Email Joan Parisi Wilcox at QentiWasi@gmail.com


Are You Interested in Hosting
an In-Person Training? 

All workshops are facilitated by a local host or hostess. Email Joan to find out how to host a training in your area. Email QentiWasi@gmail.com.


18 thoughts on “Upcoming Workshops

    1. Hi Constance,

      Because the training is progressive, you have to take the earlier workshops to be able to do the final one, which is the lloq’e work. So they are comprised of the people/group who have progressed together through the training. It might be possible to do the lloq’e alone if you have gone through similar training elsewhere, but that is highly unusual, especially since I don’t know of anyone but Juan who teaches the chaupi work the way he/his teaching-former students do. You can check out the Upcoming Trainings tab under the Learn the Andean Sacred Arts to keep up with training locations.


      1. Joan, thanks for your response. California/february looks possible. The prices are very honest. I will contact you as I know more about my schedule. I did reply to you but perhaps not to this technologies liking as I do not see it. Munay, Constance


  1. Kind thanks for your response Joan. I rather thought you would respond as you have. While i do have a lengthy (nearly 30 years) alignment with medicine work in general, and 14 years working with Andean practices-I respect that what you offer is different. The reason I inquired is because I steward 2 older lloke mestanas and find my work to be centered thusly. It may be the case that i can not afford the entire training but I will take your suggestion into considersation. Warm regards, Constance.


  2. Joan, I do not see that my reply posted? Calif-February looks possible for me. I will contact you when i know more. Munay. Constance


  3. Joan, do you have plans to teach another Pana in Ca.?
    I see that the one in Feb. is closed to new registration.
    I would love to attend this training early 2016 if possible in Ca.
    Thank you.


  4. Hi, Joan, I am interested in the retreat in June. I don’t think I’ll be able to return to Castroville for your continuing sessions and my husband and I book TWO one week vacations for 2016 … one was in August your Shadow week and the other is your shadow weekend in December. So I’m accepting it was meant for me (at least at this time.) Pictures on Facebook of Peruvian pilgrimage were wonderful!! I’m looking forward to hearing about it from Jack Quirk. sweet munay, April Lanz


    1. Hi April, I have put you down for the week-long training in June. Yes, Peru was magnificent. Jack didn’t end up coming on our trip. But Judy Ann was there. Had a fantastic group and a magical time.


  5. Is there still room for April’s class? Would like to register by check? Or do you have Venmo or cash app for taking initial payment? Let me know, unknown if this is full already. Thank you, Lupe Ramirez


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