Announcing Shamans Directory: One Fire, One Medicine

Healers and teachers from around the world. You are invited to step up and step in!

It is time to bring our collective healing Fire Imageand spiritual wisdom together from all corners of our precious planet. Humanity needs our medicine now more than ever for global awakening and transformation.

Shamans Directory is a new online portal for services that bridge the ancient, sacred, shamanic, and mystical arts. Whether you call yourself a medicine person, ceremonialist, shamanic or mystical practitioner, healer, energy worker, teacher of the sacred arts, priest or priestess, or plant medicine ethnobotanist, you are invited to share your medicine with others.

If you already belong to other directories, the Shamans Directory team extends you a warm welcome to join them here as well. This is more than a directory: it is a mission, a vision, and a community gathered around one fire.

The collective “One fire, One medicine” vision is already held by ambassadors from around the world:

– Angaangack Angakkorsuaq, Ice Wisdom, Greenland
– Anja Mays, Ice Wisdom, Germany
– Bhola Nath Banstola, Bhola Nepal Shaman, Nepal
– Christina Allen, Austin Shamanic Center, USA
– Don Gino Cocchella, Chaka-Runa, Peru
– Diana Beaulieu, Sacred Woman Awakening & Soulrise, Spain
– Don Mariano Quispe Flores, Serena Anchanchu, Peru
– Elio Geusa, Aya Healing Retreats, Peru
– Elizabeth B Jenkins, Global Paqo School, Hawaii
– Imelda Almqvist, Pregnant Hag Teachings, UK
– Joan Parisi Wilcox, Qenti Wasi, USA
– Jocelyn Star Feather, We Are Sacred Planet, USA
– John McKinnon, Shamanic Voyages, USA
– Jyoti Ma, Mother Earth Delegation & The Fountain, USA
– Katherine Skaggs, USA
– Lei’ohu Reyder and Maydeen ‘Iao, Hawaii
– Luis Alejo Mango, Serena Anchanchu, Peru
– Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations, Earth
– Puma Quispe Singona, Noqan Kani, Peru
– Roel Crabbe, Anam Cara, Belgium
– Veda Austin, New Zealand/USA
– Wake Wheeler, Sacred Pathways, USA
– Zahra Indigo Rønlov, Sacred Witness, USA

These ambassadors and the founders of Shamans Directory, Tricia Bennett and Mayumi Beckers and their team, invite you to join them around the global fire, become a member of Shamans Directory, and make your contribution to igniting powerful transformation.

Learn more and register at

Please tell your friends and colleagues about this new directory, and invite them to join and make their contribution as well. “One fire, One medicine.”

#shamansdirectory #onefireonemedicine #callingallshamans #shamansunited


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