Inviting in the Taytanchis

The Andean metaphysical god was called Wiraqocha. Another name for God is the Taytanchis, which means Our Father. Although referred to as male, Taytanchis is beyond gender, for Taytanchis is the living God, the Great Mystery, the Inscrutable One. It is the first cause of creation. From it arose the immaterial realm of living energy, the Kawsay Pacha, and the material realm, called the Pachamama. This is the realm that includes all the matter of the cosmos, including the galaxies, stars, planets, and all of life. It is from Taytanchis that we all come and to Taytanchis that we all will return.

Each of us is a child of God. In essence we each are God, as our divinity is encoded in our Inka Seed awaiting its realization in our lives. And yet the paradox is that we are both inseparable from the Taytanchis and apart from it, until and unless we take a crucial step in our lives. Here is why.

According to the lineages in which I have been taught (Waskar and Inkari), your freedompoq’po is private. As my teacher Juan Nuñez del Prado says, your poq’po is the one thing in this life that is wholly yours, that you alone own. No one can enter your poq’po uninvited (consciously or unconsciously), not even God. As a result of that fundamental energetic truth, as Juan says, this is where the evangelical Christians get it right—you must invite God into your life (poq’po). Until you do, the Taytanchis cannot act as a direct living energy in your human life.

So the question I put to you is: Have you invited Taytanchis in?

Doing so has nothing whatsoever to do with religion or even spirituality. Instead, the act is one of ancestry. It is a reconnection with that from which you came and that to which you will one day return. Even if you don’t invite Taytanchis in, you will one day reunite with this source of your being. However, your life will be richer for reestablishing a personal relationship with the Taytanchis. As a paqo, you may eagerly work to establish communication with spirit beings, such as the apus, while overlooking the most important relationship of all.

Even though we always maintain a connection with the Taytanchis through our Inka Seed, having a personal, intimate, and conscious relationship with Taytanchis is a ladder up to skieschoice. Having given you free will, Taytanchis will not trump that will. So, you must purposefully invite Taytanchis into your human life and physical being.

There is no special ceremony for doing so. You simply offer up the invitation or make the request. Find the words and feelings that most represent your munay and ayni. An example is: “Taytanchis, I invite you into my poq’po, my body, my life. I seek a personal relationship with you. I ask that you guide me in my conscious evolution.”

The munay of Taytanchis is neither meager nor complicated. It is freely given to anyone who not only seeks it, but asks to be its recipient. It is abundant in quantity and pristine in purity. So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to invite Taytanchis into your energy, body, and life? I predict you will be both deeply satisfied and delightfully suprised once you do.


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