What’s Your Life Mission?

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

—Farrah Gray, Businessman and Motivational Speaker

In my last post I talked about money and spirituality. In this post, let’s examined discovering the work and service that aligns with your soul.

Your soul’s mission is encoded within you. According the Andean tradition, we each are a drop of the Mystery, and when we are pulled into the physical body through that alchemical process called “life” we come to Earth with an Inka Seed buried deep in the energetic soil of the self. The Inka Seed encodes your potential—your unique combination bean seed germinationof capacities, gifts, talents, and predispositions. It is you as “Inka”—in the Andes, the Inka was the ruler, the one who glows—in that it is the repository of your enlightened self.  You already have a soul  mission—to “grow” this Inka Seed, which means to live by expressing its gifts as an evolving human being on the Earth plane in a relationship of service to both yourself and others.

The Inka Seed is your divinity—your connection to the Godhead. As such, it is perfect. It contains no hucha, so you don’t have to cleanse it to access its wisdom. You simply need to become more conscious, although to do that it helps to cleanse your overall energy body (poq’po) so that you are qawaq, one who can “see” reality as it really is with perfect clarity.

Seeing yourself with clarity, of course, is a priority in all aspects of life. It starts with knowing that you are the center of the universe, because you can only know the universe through your senses and energy perceptions. Therefore, you are your first priority! As Jesus said, Love others as you love yourself. You have to know and love yourself before you can truly know and love others. So you are your most important project!

There are myriad ways to know yourself: emotional self-inquiry through psychology, body-oriented self-realization through practices such as yoga or qigong, spiritual self-realization through practices such as meditation and prayer. The Andean path focuses on intense energy cleansing to improve your awareness and well-being. We work the “three human powers” equally. They are yachay (intellect and reason), llank’ay (action, work), and munay (love grounded in will and choice). So by following the practices—saminchakuy, sawaichakuy, weaving the chunpis, opening the ñawis, working with the eight helper spirits, accessing the teqse paqos, and such you increase your capacity for clear-seeing, especially of the self.

This is Your Life. This is Your Time. Motivational Quote.What does this have to do with finding joyous work? Everything! The more you know yourself, the better you express yourself. Knowledge may be power, but energetic self-realization is supremely empowering!

You can take all kinds of skill tests and do all kinds of exploratory exercises to discover your personal strengths, you can talk to counselors for hours, you can go to job fairs and find mentors and on and on, but if you are not delving deep within at an energetic level, you might miss the “truth” of who you really are and, thus, what you uniquely are here to do.

I know that is a rather ambiguous answer. It’s not easy to “know thyself.” But, really, how can you do what you love if you don’t know who you really are?

To follow your bliss out in the world you have to first explore the territory within—to touch the bliss of the self. According to the Andean tradition, you don’t have to discover your dream job, you only have to discover your divine self. You do that through growing and fertilizing your Inka Seed. And the entire work of the tradition is directed toward that goal. When you increase your qawaq abilities, you see yourself and the world with clarity—as it really is—with less of the muddiness of projections, ego-based desire, unconscious attachments, false expectations, and such. As your light (sami) increases, you reflect yourself more purely and brilliantly. Everything in your life changes!

I can attest to the changes that happen. My own life is testament to the transformative effects of doing the Andean energy practices. In myself and others, I find that as we become energetically empowered and develop greater qawaq capacities—as we evolve the self—there are three common consequences:

  1. A change in the core relationships in your life.
  2. A move geographically.
  3. A job change or shift into a new profession or way of serving.

These changes happen naturally as a result of conscious evolution. You don’t have to figure anything out. Instead, you heed the call of the divine self encoded in the Inka Seed. You know. You act. You reap the benefits. And so does the world at large, because when you are aligned with your soul the reverberations are felt cosmically.

So, if you are not happy with what you are doing, take that energetic and psychological interesting conversationunrest as evidence that your Inka Seed is stirring within. It is calling to you to grow your soul self. At the very least, do saminchakuy every day. Be clear in your intention to live as your enlightened self, because according to the Andean cosmovision energy must follow intention. It cannot do otherwise. In addition, because of the law of ayni, the kawsay pacha—the living cosmos—will send energy to you, which can take many forms. You might meet a person, receive an offer, hear about an opportunity that will transform your life. The circumstances for change are endless, and the kawsay pacha is infinitely creative. Because of anyi, you have to both direct your intentions and also listen and watch for the clues from the universe. Those cosmic messages might be in direct contradiction to your current intentions. Or they might be so surprising and even crazy that you hesitate or even reject them. You do so at your own peril. (For a great example of this ayni exchange, see Michael Singer’s book The Surrender Experiment. You can read more about it in my post “Waltzing with the Universe.”)

ChangeIn my experience, the Andean energy practices are the most efficient way to consciously evolve.  So my question to you is this: Why waste another day or minute ignoring your unrest and unhappiness? Begin cleansing this hucha and increasing your sami right now! Sami is the food of the Inka Seed. You just might be surprised how quickly and vigorously that seed grows a totally new life for you.


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