The Secret Behind “The Secret”

“Your personal vibration or energy state is a blend of the contracted or expanded frequencies of your body, emotions, and thoughts at any given moment. The more you allow your soul to shine through you, the higher your personal vibration will be.”
— Penney Peirce from Frequency

I haven’t read the book Frequency, but I came across this quotation from its author and it got me thinking about how often there is almost a chicken-and-egg syndrome when it comes to metaphysical traditions and their conceptions of energy.

The first sentence in the quotation is in alignment with the teachings of the Andean masters. The amount of refined energy (sami) and heavy energy (hucha) you carry in your poq’po (your energy body) does indeed comprise your personal vibration. In the Andes, we would call this vibration your “personal power.”

But the second sentence in the quotation is completely opposite of what the Andeans teach, and I think it is worth our time to consider how your personal vibration and your soul interact.

According to Peirce, by allowing your soul to shine through, you raise your vibration. Sounds good. But how exactly do you let more of your soul shine through? If you knew how, wouldn’t you be letting it shine like a million suns?

In the Andean tradition, the energy equation is completely opposite what Peirce proposes. It’s the condition of your poq’po—the vibration of your energy bubble—that determines how much you live as who you really are—as your wholeness, your soul self.

The soul is complete, whole, coherent, always at maxim “power.” The Inka Seed links your personal energy body and physical body to your soul; it is your connection with the divine.

Your personal energy body, however, acts like a meter or a filter, which lets some, or more, or all of your soul shine through depending on the quality of your poq’po sun rays streaming through the storm clouds(its proportion of sami to hucha).

No matter how much you want more of your soul to illuminate your experience and life, your desire and intention are stymied by the state of your energy body/personal vibration. Maybe Peirce’s book shows how to up that vibration and let more soul through, but even if that is true, it still means that personal vibration comes first. Desire to shine more soul into your life is pointless if your filter is clogged. That’s why I think Peirce has the energy equation backwards.

As I said, in the Andes your personal vibration is called your “personal power.” While your soul has unlimited capacity, your personal power is limited by the state of your energy body. You can only do or manifest what you have the personal power to do or manifest, no matter how much you intend, wish, imagine, or visualize doing more.

This is where the Law of Attraction as it is commonly known falls short. Intent is paramount in the Law of Attraction, as it is in the Andean tradition. But it is only half the equation because intent is fueled by energy. You have to work your energy. You can say affirmations and declare your intentions until the cows come home, Geometry Abstractionbut if you don’t have the energy (personal power), you will not manifest that affirmation or intent.

This is why I feel the Andean practices are the “secret” behind The Secret/Law of Attraction. It teaches energy practices that refine your awareness, cleanse and empower your bubble, and provide the energy to manifest your intentions—to “push the kawsay.”

Really, you don’t have to will more of your soul to shine through. It does so naturally as you raise your vibration by accumulating personal power. Living more fully as “who you really are” (revealing your soul) is a natural consequence of undertaking the practices of the Andes, which is a path of conscious evolution. That’s why I practice and teach the tradition, even as I meditate and pray and use a host of other energy and spiritual tools, all of which are useful. But, for me at least, none are as simple, elegant, and produce as powerful results as the energy practices of the Andes. Andeans truly are masters of the living energy.


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