The Lamp of the Energy Body: Part 2—The Aura

In Part 1, I talked about absorbing and radiating the black and white light energies. In this post I continue that discussion and focus on the aura.  I’m no expert on the aura, so forgive any errors or misunderstandings. However, in thinking about the goal of being a paqo—to be able to absorb and radiate all forms of energy—it is inevitable that I started musing about the aura. Here is my take on the aura Andean style.

The aura is a visible glow, usually a colored one, around the body. Many people who can see auras say that the color of your aura reflects who you are, the quality of your energy, and more. However, I am beginning to question that.

If the Andeans have it right that we are in continual interchange with energy, whether consciously or not, and that we are always absorbing and radiating energy, then how can we know what the aura color means? It could have two very different interpretations:

1) It could mean that we are indeed radiating a certain predominate “flavor” of energy, which must be a form of sami, since it is energy that is freely flowing through us and not getting stuck.

2) But it could also mean that we are not absorbing that “flavor” of energy—that this particular energy is incompatible with our energy body—and so it is potentially a form of  hucha for us.

I don’t think we can really know which is the correct interpretation. We have to go back to my previous  post and the metaphor of the electromagnetic spectrum of visible light to understand why.

If we are seeing color, we are detecting the visible light spectrum (the frequencies that appear as the different colors we see with our physical eyes). In order to see color, that frequency of light must be bouncing off an object. Light left to itself, free flowing and not interacting with an object, is invisible to our eyes. You might say it is black. Outer space is full of “light” but we only see it when it reflects off an object, like the moon. Or, I should say, we only see the object because of the light that it reflects back and enters our eyes.

So, anatomical physics tells us that the colors we see are those that are not absorbed by the object.

The yellow rubber duck in the photo is that color because it is absorbing all the other frequencies of visible light except yellow. To anthropomorphize that duck, you could say it is “rejecting” the frequency of yellow.

I think you can see how this applies to the Andean conception of how our energy bodies work. Just to be clear, let me provide an example. Let’s use the color green and associate it with love/munay to examine the possible interpretations.

If we see a person with a green aura, that person may be a master of love. He or she is able to fully absorb the “green” energy and it flows freely, as pure sami, through his or her energy bubble. There is so much of that energy flowing through that person that he or she glows green.

Alternatively, that green aura may be evidence that the person has such difficulty with the energy of love that he or she cannot or will not absorb it, and so it is bouncing back off their energy bubble. It is incompatible with his or her current state of energy.

You can see the dilemma. Relying solely on the aura, unless we are qawaq (able to see reality “as it really is”), we can’t know which of the two energy states is the “correct” one. (We cannot fully trust intuition, as it, too, is dependent on the state of our energy body. Qaway is different from intuitive knowing.)

What does become certain is that we can’t make any judgment. We can’t declare what that green light means. We can only leave it to that person to become aware and determine what’s going on energetically for him- or herself.

And that approach is perfectly in line with the larger Andean cosmovision, which says we can only really know, and take responsibility for, the state of our own energy body. We don’t label or judge another person energetically; we can only sense whether or not we are compatible energetically with that person. (See my earlier post “No More Energy Vampires!”)

Although the Andean tradition is relatively simple in practice, its conception of energy is profoundly sophisticated and far-reaching. I offer this conjecture about the aura as another reminder about the importance of sensitizing your awareness of your own energy body and not labeling others according to preconceived ideas about their energy state.

All we really know for sure about the “aura” from the Andean masters themselves is that a sixth-level being glows, usually a white or golden light, which to my mind means they are perfectly absorbing and then radiating every possible energy. They create absolutely no hucha. According to the tradition, then, we can be certain that a sixth-level being is not “rejecting” all frequencies, but perfectly absorbing and radiating them.

Beyond that, and speaking only for myself, I am giving up having any judgment about the aura, because I think it is not possible, nor is it any of my business, to “interpret” another person’s energy condition. I just can’t know (from seeing with my outer eyes anyway) what the color of a person’s aura actually means.


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