Understanding the Mosoq Karpay

This blog’s overall theme is conscious evolution, as facilitated through the Andean mystical tradition. The tradition talks about our evolving through seven levels of consciousness. In our world today, we are mostly at the third level, with growing numbers of people at the fourth level.

However, Andean paqos are eagerly awaiting the manifestation of the fifth level: people who have so mastered their interchanges with the cosmos of living energy that they are infallible healers.

The key word here is “infallible.” There can be no imposters to the fifth level because they must be capable of healing every condition, every time—from regrowing an amputated limb to healing cancer, perhaps even raising the dead. We have heard of fifth-level abilities being manifested before—by Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha) and his disciples, and by Jesus Christ and, through the power of the Holy Spirit, his apostles. So we know infallible healing is possible, and the prophecies tell us we will regain this level of consciousness and energy mastery.

In the Andes, the title of a fifth-level being is Inka Mallku, or more generally Tukuy Hampeq, which means “total healer.” According to the prophecy of the New Humanity, there will be an initial group of 12 Inka Mallkus that appear and band together, six men and six women.

For Juan Nuñez del Prado; his son, Ivan; me and other of Juan’s students, the motivation to share this tradition is partly self interest. As Juan says, “Maybe one of my students will reach the fifth level, and then he or she can pull me up to it!” The more people who are consciously evolving, the greater the chance that the fifth level will manifest in our lifetime—and that we will be helped to attain this level ourselves!

When the Tukuy Hampeqs appear, they will be able to teach and pass on the energy of the fifth level. But while our energetic efforts help raise us to this new level of human expression, at this evolutionary transition point the “initiation” to the fifth level is given only by the metaphysical God, through the bestowal of the Mosoq Karpay.

I know there are paqos out there now who are giving something they call the Mosoq Karpay, but it is not the initiation to the fifth level. Karpay is a transmission of energy; for the sake of convenience we call a karpay an “initiation.” Mosoq simply means “new” in Quechua. So, really, any transmission of energy a creative-minded paqo devises can be called a Mosoq Karpay. The Mosoq Karpay to which I am referring is a special karpay that is foretold in the prophecy of the New Humanity and, initially at least, is transmitted directly from the Holy One. It is not yet manifest on Earth, but we are eagerly awaiting its appearance.

So keep working the practices, refining your energy, evolving your consciousness. The fifth-level beings do not have to be Andean. They could be me, or you, or him, or her . . .


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