Learn the Andean Sacred Arts

For training inquiries, email Joan Parisi Wilcox at qentiwasi@gmail.com


Special workshop over the weekend of the Andean Mystical New Year’s Day

I am adding a Sonoma County/Sebastopol workshop while I am in CA (teaching in the Los Angeles area prior to this; see below for details). Space is extremely limited so if you are interested, don’t delay in registering! This is a special workshop because it falls on the mystical New Year’s Day of August 1, the day Pachamama and the Apus “awaken.” While this workshop is a training on the right-side paña work, we will also do a special August 1 “New Year’s Day” ceremony to “reintroduce yourself to yourself” and set or clarify your intentions for the coming year. Cost is $260. Email QentiWasi@gmail.com for registration or more details.


I have received interest from several people in England for training. Are there others? We are trying to determine interest so we can proceed with planning. If you are in England and are interested in a workshop, please let me know! Email me at qentiwasi@gmail.com.



July Paña Training in Southern California

Dates: Saturday-Sunday, July 25-26, 2015, 9:30 am – 5 pm each day.

Location: Woodland Hills, CA

Cost: $260

This workshop onthe right-side work is limited to 15 people, so if you are interested, please email today for a registration form. Deposit required by July 7; final payment by July 16. Email me at qentiwasi@gmail.com for more information and to register.

If you are interested, please email qentiwasi@gmail.com.


After spending time recently with my primary teacher, Juan Nuñez del Prado, and his son, Ivan, I am inspired to re-enter the landscape of teaching. Juan and Ivan have suggested that I represent them and their way of teaching the tradition in the US, and I have agreed. So, if you are interested in getting a group together for training in the Andean sacred arts, please contact me at qentiwasi@gmail.com.

The formal training follow a three-part track. You must complete one course before taking the next.

First is the right-side work, called paña. This is an introduction to all the core symbols, signs, spirits, practices and techniques of the tradition. Paña focuses primarily on the mystical work of the lineage of don Benito Qoriwaman and involves mastering your energy body and working the energies outside of your personal energy bubble. It also focuses on core techniques for cleansing your bubble of heavy energy and empowering it with refined energy.

The second workshop is about the work of the “middle,” called chaupi, following the Mullu chunpislineage of Q’ero master don Andes Espinosa. It involves the integration point between energies outside the personal bubble and those inside it. During this work, we awaken the belts of power, the chunpis, and begin working with them.

The final part of the training is the left-side work, lloq’e, largely based on the teachings of don Melchor Desa. This is the magical and practical work of mastering the energies inside the personal bubble and weaving the chunpis gracefully but deeply into the personal bubble and physical body. It also reviews healing and other techniques.

Each of the workshops involves many exercises in learning to perceive energy, move it, and work with it, especially cleansing hucha, the heavy energy that keeps us from well-being, and sami, which restores and empowers our personal energy bodies. You will also learn about the haway (in Spanish the despacho) and the use of the misha (in Spanish the mesa.)

Don Juan Pauqar Espinosa and Joan Parisi WIlcoxI look forward to stepping back out from behind the curtain of my low public profile to openly and joyously share this exquisite and powerful tradition. My goal, in agreement with Juan’s and Ivan’s, is to foster the conscious evolution of humankind—to further the prophecy of the rise of the New Humanity.

Game on!

If you would like to gather a group and host a workshop, please contact me at qentiwasi@gmail.com. Ideally, a group will form an ayllu of an minimum of 12 people and a maximum of 24.